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  • Online textbook and OWL2 assignments - Go to Canvas, this class, and select Modules
  • Download your book to your tablet or phone using the MindTap app
  • Solutions manual for homework problems is on Canvas

  • Schedule

    Monday, November 26 - Gases: Pressure, Gas Laws
    Tuesday, November 27 - Gases: STP, Ideal Gas Law
    Wednesday, November 28 - Gases: Gas density, Dalton's Law of Partial Pressures
    Thursday, November 29 - Gases: Kinetic theory
    Friday, November 30 - Gases: Real vs. Ideal

    Monday, December 3 - Review Day
    Tuesday, December 4 - Test on Gases
    Wednesday, December 5 - Solutions: Terminology
    Thursday, December 6 - Solutions: Molarity, Dilution, Neutralization
    Friday, December 7 - Solutions: Stoich

    Monday, December 10 - Solutions: Factors affecting Solubility
    Tuesday, December 11 - Solutions: Not solutions - Suspensions and Colloids
    Wednesday, December 12 - Review
    Thursday, December 13 - Test on Solutions
    Friday, December 14 - Copper lab prep

    Monday, December 17 - Copper lab
    Tuesday, December 18 - Copper lab
    Wednesday, December 19 - Copper lab
    Thursday, December 20 -
    Friday, December 21 - (make up day - class is IN session)

    Monday, December 24 - Friday, January 4

    Monday, January 7 - Equilibrium

  • The Rose-Hulman Homework Hotline toll-free at 1-877-ASK-ROSE is open Sunday through Thursday from 7 to 10 pm.
  • If you need a tutor, Mr. Rapp has a list going, or you can try the IU Chemistry Student Tutor List

  • So you don't have Power Point, but you need to print the notes? Download a free Power Point Viewer here.

  • SAVE PAPER AND INK!!! When you print out the notes on PowerPoint, print "Handouts" instead of "Slides" in the print setup. Also, turn off the backgrounds in Office 2003 (Tools>Options>Print>UNcheck "Background Printing")!

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