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The Reference Desk

How do I find some good iPad/iPhone apps?
Go here!

How do I look up a common name for a chemical instead of it's IUPAC name?

How do I find safety data (MSDS) for a chemical?
Vermont SIRI Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) library star.gif (185 bytes)
star.gif (185 bytes)
Indiana University Dept, of Environmental Health and Safety (MSDS & disposal info)

Where can I find a good chemical dictionary?
Chemistry Explorer - a comprehensive chemistry term dictionary

Dictionary of Biotechnology at Indiana University

Where can I find the history of the discovery of elements?
Element Histories
star.gif (185 bytes)star.gif (185 bytes)
WebElements star.gif (185 bytes)star.gif (185 bytes)star.gif (185 bytes)
CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics
"Discovery of the Elements" by Mary Elvira Weeks
Merck Index

Where can I find a periodic table online?
Periodic Table - Chemical Elements.Com
star.gif (185 bytes)star.gif (185 bytes)
Periodic Table - Chemicool star.gif (185 bytes)star.gif (185 bytes)
Periodic Table - Los Alamos Laboratory
star.gif (185 bytes)star.gif (185 bytes)
Periodic Table - Chemical Society (Very visual...  uses Shockwave) star.gif (185 bytes)star.gif (185 bytes)star.gif (185 bytes)
Periodic Table - WebElements star.gif (185 bytes)star.gif (185 bytes)star.gif (185 bytes)(history of elements too!)

Problem Solving Assistance

For problem assistance, call the Rose-Hulman Homework Hotline toll-free at 1-877-ASK-ROSE.

Other Reference Sites

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