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  • For the online textbook and Pearson Realize - click here

  • Schedule

    Monday, February 17 - NO SCHOOL - Presidents Day
    Tuesday, February 18 - Syllabus, Safety Contract, Reactions basics
    Wednesday, February 19 - Balancing Reaction Equations; ASSIGNMENT: Balancing Reaction Equations Practice
    Thursday, February 20 - More Balancing Equations; ASSIGNMENT: Balancing Reaction Equations on Pearson Realize
    Friday, February 21 - Types of reactions: synthesis and decomposition; ASSIGNMENT: Top half of Practice worksheet Worksheet I

    Monday, February 24
    - Video
    Tuesday, February 25 - Video (guest teacher)
    Wednesday, February 26 - Types of reactions: replacements and combustion; ASSIGNMENT: Bottom half of Practice worksheet Worksheet I
    Thursday, February 27 - More reactions practice; ASSIGNMENT: Equation Problem Set II
    Friday, February 28 - Go over problem set (half period)

    Monday, March 2 - Total and Net Ionic Equations; ASSIGNMENT: Net Ionic Equation worksheet
    Tuesday, March 3 - Go over Total and Net Ionics
    Wednesday, March 4 - Nomenclature Review Quiz; review day
    Thursday, March 5 - Test on Reactions
    Friday, March 6 - Stoich I: Moles; ASSIGNMENT: Moles and Particles worksheet

    Monday, March 9 - Stoich I: Molar mass; ASSIGNMENT: Finding moles and molar mass worksheet
    Tuesday, March 10 - Combining particles, moles, and mass; ASSIGNMENT: Mass, moles, atoms, and molecules worksheet
    Wednesday, March 11 - Percent Composition; ASSIGNMENT: Percent composition worksheet
    Thursday, March 12 - Review Day
    Friday, March 13 - NO SCHOOL

    Monday, March 16 - Friday, March 20 - NO SCHOOL - Spring Break

    Monday, March 23
    Tuesday, March 24 - NO SCHOOL
    Wednesday, March 25 - Online orientation & mole review; see Canvas calendar for assignment (another study guide on moles)
    Thursday, March 26 - Test on moles and % composition; See Canvas calendar for test
    Friday, March 27 -
    Empirical and Molecular Formulas; See Canvas calendar for notes and videos; ASSIGNMENT: % comp, emperical/molecular formula worksheet

    Monday, March 30
    - Go over Empirical & Molecular Formulas (video on Canvas)
    Tuesday, March 31 - Quiz on Empirical & Molecular Formulas (take on Canvas)
    Wednesday, April 1 - Mole Ratios video notes on Canvas
    Thursday, April 2 - ASSIGNMENT: Mole ratio worksheet
    Friday, April 3 - NO SCHOOL - Teacher Collaboration Day

    Monday, April 6 - Mole to mole answers & review (on Canvas); QUIZ on Mole ratios (on Canvas)
    Tuesday, April 7 - Mass to mass video notes (on Canvas); ASSIGNMENT: Stoichiometry worksheet II (NOTE: #3 should read "sodium fluoride" instead of lithium chloride, and "magnesium fluoride" instead of calcium chloride)
    Wednesday, April 8 - Mass to Mass answers & review
    Thursday, April 9 - QUIZ on Mass to Mass
    Friday, April 10 - NO SCHOOL - Teacher Collaboration Day

    Monday, April 13 - Limiting Reactant Video; ASSIGNMENT: Limiting reactants (intro) [pages 1-2 only]
    Tuesday, April 14 - Finding Excess VIdeo; ASSIGNMENT:
    Limiting Reactant and Excess worksheet page 1 page 2
    Wednesday, April 15
    - Go over worksheet answers and take Limiting Reactant Quiz on Canvas
    Thursday, April 16 - Properties of Gases video notes
    Friday, April 17 - NO SCHOOL - Teacher Collaboration Day

    Monday, April 20 -  Combined Gas Law and STP video notes; ASSIGNMENT: Combined Gas Law problems
    Tuesday, April 21 - Ideal Gas Law video notes; ASSIGNMENT:
    Ideal Gas Law problems
    Wednesday, April 22 - Finish gases and review; ASSIGNMENT:
    Gas Laws worksheet
    Thursday, April 23 - Quiz on Gas Laws (Properties, Combined Law, and Ideal Law)
    Friday, April 24 - NO SCHOOL  - Teacher Collaboration Day

    Monday, April 26 - Properties of Solutions video notes
    Tuesday, April 27 - Molarity and % by mass video notes; ASSIGNMENT: Molarity and Percent problems
    Wednesday, April 28 - Dilutions video notes; ASSIGNMENT: Dilutions worksheet
    Thursday, April 29 - Quiz on Solutions

    Monday, May 4 - Acids and Bases
    Tuesday, May 5 - pH
    Wednesday, May 6 - Neutralizations
    Thursday, May 7 - Last Day of School

    Friday, May 22 - Last day for late work

  • If you need a tutor, Mr. Rapp has a list going, or you can try the IU Chemistry Student Tutor List

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  • SAVE PAPER AND INK!!! When you print out the notes on PowerPoint, print "Handouts" instead of "Slides" in the print setup. Also, turn off the backgrounds in Office 2003 (Tools>Options>Print>UNcheck "Background Printing")!

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