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  • The NASA Cassini Scientist for a Day essay contest info can be found here!

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    Use your Skyward username and password.

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  • Schedule:

    Monday, January 18 - NO SCHOOL, ML King Day
    Tuesday, January 19 - Gases: Gas Laws
    Wednesday, January 20 - SNOW DAY
    Thursday, January 21 - Gases: Combined Gas Law; ASSIGNMENT: Combined Gas Law problems
    Friday, January 22 -
    Gases: STP; ASSIGNMENT: STP conversions; test corrections due no later than next Friday, January 29

    Monday, January 25 - Ideal Gas Law; ASSIGNMENT: Mixed Gas Law worksheet
    Tuesday, January 26 - Dalton's Law; ASSIGNMENT:
    Dalton's Law of Partial Pressure problems
    Wednesday, January 27 - Molar Volume of a Gas lab (formal report submitted on Canvas)
    Thursday, January 28 - Gas stoichiometry; ASSIGNMENT:
    Gas Stoichiometry problems
    Friday, January 29 -
    last day to turn in stoich test corrections; Review day

    Monday, February 1 - Test on Gases
    Tuesday, February 2 -
    Solutions terms
    Wednesday, February 3 - Molarity and % by mass; ASSIGNMENT: page 1 of Molarity worksheet and Percent by mass worksheet
    Thursday, February 4 - Acids and Bases; ASSIGNMENT: Bronsted-Lowry pairs worksheet
    Friday, February 5 - Acids and Bases; ASSIGNMENT:
    pH grid; test corrections due no later than final exam

    Monday, February 8 - Titration lab; reports due no later than final exam
    Tuesday, February 9 - Dilutions and Titrations; ASSIGNMENT:
    Dilution worksheet and Titration worksheet
    Wednesday, February 10 -
    Final Exam review, Final Exam review answers
    Thursday, February 11 - Final Exams 2, 3, 4; test corrections due; lab reports due
    Friday, February 12 - Final Exams 1, 3, 5; test corrections due; lab reports due

    Trimester 3

    Monday, February 18 - Syllabus review

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