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  • The NASA Cassini Scientist for a Day essay contest info can be found here!

  • Go to for answers to the study guides and online submissions!

  • You can access your textbook ONLINE at
    Use the user name provided in class. Use your Skyward password.

  • So you don't have Power Point, but you need to print the notes? Download a free Power Point Viewer here.

  • Schedule:

    Monday, November 3 - Syllabus
    Tuesday, November 4 - NO SCHOOL - Election Day
    Wednesday, November 5 - Rules; Observations
    Thursday, November 6 - Intro notes
    Friday, November 7 - Intro notes
    ; Element Symbol Quiz (link to Quizlet online flash cards); ASSIGNMENT: Sci Not and Metric conversion worksheet

    Monday, November 10 - Metric prefixes; Mass vs. Weight; Conversions; ASSIGNMENT: Factor-Label and SI conversions worksheet
    Tuesday, November 11 -
    Imprerial and Metric conversions: ASSIGNMENT: Imperial and Metric conversion worksheet
    Wednesday, November 12
    - Sig figs; ASSIGNMENTS:
    Measurement Precision worksheet & Significant Digits worksheet
    Thursday, November 13
    - Rounding with sig figs;
    ChemGames safety video; ASSIGNMENT: Read lab directions and Rounding worksheet
    Friday, November 14
    Lab Equipment Quiz
    (Quizlet: names/functions, names/pictures [has extra]); safety equipment; observations lab experiment

    Monday, November 17 - Go over rounding; Density; ASSIGNMENT: Density worksheet & READ LAB INSTRUCTIONS!
    Tuesday, November 18 - Measurement & Density lab
    Wednesday, November 19 -
    Thursday, November 20 - Test on Intro and Measurement
    Friday, November 21 - last day to turn in Observations lab

    Monday, November 24 - Friday, November 28

    Monday, December 1 - Matter notes
    Tuesday, December 2 - Last day to turn in measurement lab; matter notes; ASSIGNMENT: Periodic table labeling assignment (blank table), test corrections due NO LATER THAN next Tuesday (required homework... not optional, not extra points, everyone does it!)
    Wednesday, December 3 -
    Video "The Atom"
    Thursday, December 4 - Elements, Atoms, and Ions notes
    Friday, December 5 -
    Counting protons, neutrons, and electrons; ASSIGNMENT: Isotope Puzzle

    Monday, December 8 - Dalton's Atomic Theory; Average Atomic mass; ASSIGNMENT:
    Average atomic mass worksheet
    Tuesday, December 9
    - last day to turn in test corrections; periodic table notes
    Wednesday, December 10 - Nuclear Reaction video
    Thursday, December 11 - Out from the Shadows video
    Friday, December 12 - Balancing Nuclear Equations; ASSIGNMENT:
    Balancing Nuclear Equations

    Monday, December 15 - Nuclear: Go over equations, fission vs. fusion; power plants
    Tuesday, December 16 - Nuclear: Fusion, half life; ASSIGNMENT:
    Half-Life worksheet
    Wednesday, December 17 - Go over half life
    Thursday, December 18 - Review
    Friday, December 19 - Test on matter & nuclear

    Monday, December 22 - Friday, January 2

    Monday, January 5 - Electrons

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