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  • The NASA Cassini Scientist for a Day essay contest info can be found here!

  • You can access your textbook ONLINE at
    Use your Skyward username and password.

  • So you don't have Power Point, but you need to print the notes? Download a free Power Point Viewer here.

  • Schedule:

    Monday, September 26 - Electromagnetic spectrum
    Tuesday, September 27 - Line Spectra

    Wednesday, September 28 - Light lab
    Thursday, September 29 - Quantum numbers notes
    Friday, September 30 - Diagonal Rule, Electron configurations; ASSIGNMENT: Top half of Electron configuration worksheet

    Monday, October 3 - Shorthand Notation; Lab prep; ASSIGNMENT: Bottom half of Electron configuration worksheet; passed back exams; corrections due no later than October 12
    Tuesday, October 4 - Flame Test Lab
    Wednesday, October 5 - Valence Electrons & Ions; ASSIGNMENT: Valence electrons and ion configs; last day to turn in light lab for full credit
    Thursday, October 6 - Orbital Diagrams; ASSIGNMENT: Draw orbital diagrams for
    N, Cu, Sn+2, W
    Friday, October 7-
    Polyatomic Ion quiz: -1 ONLY (Quizlet: -1 only); Periodic table video

    Monday, October 10 - No School - Fall Break
    Tuesday, October 11 - No School - Fall Break
    Wednesday, October 12 -
    last day to turn in test corrections and flame test lab; Periodic Trends; ASSIGNMENT: Modern Chemistry p. 160 # 32, 38
    Thursday, October 13 - Periodic Trends; ASSIGNMENT:
    Modern Chemistry p. 160 #35, 37
    Friday, October 14 - Polyatomic ion quiz: -2, -3, and +1 ONLY
    (Quizlet: +1 -2 -3 only); Review for test

    Monday, October 17
    - Test on Electrons
    October 18 - Nomenclature; ASSIGNMENT: Cut out ion pieces
    Wednesday, October 19 - PSAT; cut and paste lab for 5th pd
    Thursday, October 20 - Nomenclature; cut and paste lab for 2nd pd;
    Ionic nomenclature worksheet for 5th pd
    Friday, October 21 - Polyatomic ion quiz: Mixed (Quizlet: all mixed); Nomenclature: Acids and Covalents; ASSIGNMENTS:
    Ionic and Covalent nomenclature worksheet (no acids) and Acid Nomenclature Worksheet

    Monday, October
    24 - Review: Rainbow Matrix nomenclature game - submit a "test" online for your homework grade today (note the game does NOT have acids and covalents! so don't forget to review those too!)
    Tuesday, October 25 - Nomenclature Exam
    Wednesday, October 26 - Final Exam Review
    Thursday, October 27 - Final Exams
    Friday, October 28 - Final Exams

  • The Rose-Hulman Homework Hotline toll-free at 1-877-ASK-ROSE is open Sunday through Thursday from 7 to 10 pm.
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