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    Use the user name provided in class. Use your Skyward password.

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  • Schedule:

    Monday, March 24 - Stoichiometry; ASSIGNMENT:
    Moles and Particles worksheet
    Tuesday, March 25 - Stoichiometry: Molar Mass; ASSIGNMENT:
    Finding moles and molar mass worksheet
    Wednesday, March 26 - % composition and empirical/molecular formulas; ASSIGNMENT:
    % comp, emperical/molecular formula worksheet
    Thursday, March 27 - Mole Ratios; Last day to turn in test corrections; ASSIGNMENT:
    Mole ratio worksheet; test corrections due no later than next Thursday
    Friday, March 28 - Mass-Mole and Mole-Mass; ASSIGNMENT:
    Stoichiometry worksheet I

    Monday, March 31 - Mass-Mass; ASSIGNMENT:
    Stoichiometry worksheet II (NOTE: #3 should read "sodium fluoride" instead of lithium chloride, and "magnesium fluoride" instead of calcium chloride)
    Tuesday, April 1 - Limiting Reactant; Lab prep; ASSIGNMENT: Read lab and do pre-lab
    Wednesday, April 2 - Stoich lab day 1
    Thursday, April 3 - Last day to turn in test corrections;
    ASSIGNMENT: Limiting reactants (intro) [pages 1-2 only]
    Friday, April 4 - Stoich lab day 2

    Monday, April 7 - Finding Excess in Limiting Reactants; lab calculations; ASSIGNMENT:
    Limiting Reactant and Excess worksheet page 1 page 2
    Tuesday, April 8 - Review; finish lab calculations
    Wednesday, April 9 - Test on Stoichiometry; last day to turn in lab reports
    Thursday, April 10 - 15 minutes for completing test; Gases; ASSIGNMENT:
    Conversion worksheet
    Friday, April 11 - Weather & Gases; Gas Laws

    Monday, April 14 - ASSIGNMENT: Combined Gas Law problems; passed back exams - corrections due no later than next Monday
    Tuesday, April 15 - STP; ASSIGNMENT:
    STP conversions
    Wednesday, April 16 - Ideal Gas Law; ASSIGNMENT:
    Ideal Gas Law problems
    Thursday, April 17 - Dalton's Law of Partial Pressures; ASSIGNMENT:
    Dalton's Law of Partial Pressure problems
    Friday, April 18 - Molar Volume of a Gas lab

    Monday, April 22 - Go over Dalton problems; Gas Stoich; ASSIGNMENT:
    Gas Stoichiometry problems; Last day to turn in stoich test corrections

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