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 Study Guide:  Chapter 19, Nuclear Chemistry


  Students should be able to...

  • Calculate half life.

  • Predict products for alpha, beta, and gamma decay

  • Define and identify: alpha and beta particles; gamma rays; fission; fusion; radioactivity, positron, neutron, proton

  • Complete and balance nuclear equations for alpha, beta, and gamma decay

  • Discuss the makings of a nuclear power reactor.

  • Discuss various applications of radioisotopes.

  • Find the relative radioactivity of FiestaWare and background radiation (laboratory)

    Sample Problems:

    Complete and balance nuclear equations/Predict products for alpha, beta, and gamma decay:

    Write an equation for each of the following:
    A. aluminum-26 undergoes positron emission
    B. potassium-40 undergoes beta decay (electron)
    C. uranium-238 undergoes alpha decay
    D. the product of a beta decay is magnesium-24
    E. the product of an alpha decay is uranium-232
    F. indium-110 decays to cadmium-110
    G. radon-222 decays to polonium-218
    H. gallium-67 decays by electron capture
    I. potassium-38 decays with positron emission
    J. manganese-56 decays by beta emission

Half-life problems

1. Tritium (H-3) is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen with a half-life of 12.3 years. How long would it takes for a 40.0 g sample to decay down to 1.25 g?

2. Fe-61 has a half-life of 6.00 min. Of a 100.0 mg sample, how much will remain after 18.0 min?

3. After 20.0 days, a 120 kg sample of Bi-210 decays down to just 7.5 kg. What is its half-life?

4. What percent of a sample of Co-60 (half-life = 5 years) will decay after 25 years?

5. K-42 has a half-life of 12.0 hours. At present, a given ore sample contains 34.2 mg of K-42. How much did it contain yesterday at this same time?



Last updated on November 15, 2002