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American Association of Educators (AAE) - A national, professional organization of teachers (does not specialize in chemistry... a great alternative to a union for any teacher!)

American Association of Chemistry Teachers (AACT) - A national, professional organization of chemistry teachers

American Chemical Society - A national, professional organization of chemists

Indiana Association of Chemistry Teachers

 Laboratory Resources

Classic Chemistry Experiments
laboratory manual

DoChem - online lab instructions and descriptions


Online Exercises (WebQuests)

Elements/Periodic Table

WebAssign - assign homework online and provide instant feedback!

CALM - Indiana University free online homework system

Another online homework site at University of Texas



Drawing, News, Commerce - Cambridge Soft

ChemSketch - draw lab equipment, structures, etc. FREE

Gradebook - Making the Grade (free trial version download)

GradeCam - a camera that will let you SCAN your grades into your gradebook and GRADES multiple choice and true/false

Test Generator - MicroTest - a DIY test generator, includes online tests

ZipGrade - an app that will let you SCAN self-printed multiple choice answer sheets and grade them instantly and provide immediate feedback


 Web Authoring
- Free web hosting without ads, but you must purchase a URL from Register.Com through this site - Add free e-mail, search, and message boards to your site

Freeservers - Free web hosting, uses banner ads

Inspiring Teachers - free web space, lesson plans, resources - Add science news, weather, etc. to your site for FREE!

Password protect a folder

WS_FTP LE - FTP your web site to your web server


Web Resources

AP Chemistry workshop
at Purdue University

Flinn Scientific Chemistry Resources

Journal of Chemical Education Online

Periodic table - this one includes health and safety information

Xenu - check your hyperlinks automatically

Chemical Industry Supplier Directory - Online searchable directory of chemical suppliers. Site includes free magazine offers, jobs, news and events.

also visit our Reference Desk for student tutorials & reference materials

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