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 Brain Teaser - Where did the dollar go?

3 guys go to rent a hotel room, the room is $30, so they each pay $10. Later that night the hotel guy finds out the room is only $25 so he gives $5 to the bell boy to split between the 3 guys. The bellboy did not know how to split $5 in 3 ways so he kept $2 for himself and gave $1 to each guy so the guys only paid $9 a piece right? So if the guys paid $27 and the bellboy kept $2,  where is the other dollar?




The Answer


The math is incorrect. If they had been charged $27.00 for the room originally, they would have each given the man $10.00, and each received $1 change, making the math problem 9+9+9=27, and 27+3=30, the $3 being the key. Instead, the way the problem reads, it is turned into 27+2=29, which is where the confusion lies. The problem should be $25 (room rate) + $2 (what the bellboy kept) = $27, and $27 + $3 (the change the three guys received) = $30.

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